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Neurolux Lounge | Boise, Idaho

Yak Attack

Boise, are you READY to TURN UP THE VIBE? Yak Attack is hitting the stage at Neurolux Lounge on April 13, 2024! Their sonic EXPLOSION is about to reverberate through the heart of Idaho.

Picture it: pulsing rhythms, otherworldly jams, and that electro-funk groove that only Yak Attack can deliver. Their live show is a journey – get LOST in the beats, FIND yourself in the melody.

Remember "Real World"? Imagine that anthem dropping LIVE. Love the synth magic in "The Radiant Kind"? It's gonna envelope you. This crew's got jams that'll light up your night and pour energy into your soul like pure sonic gold.

Every Yak Attack gig is LEGENDARY, with improvisation that turns the Neurolux into a realm where anything can happen. And you wanna be there when it does.

So snag your tickets. Be part of the musical mayhem. Heck, be the mayhem. April 13 won't forgive you if you miss it.

Tickets? They're waiting. But not for long. Hit up the link, join the Attack. Let's do this, Boise. #YakAttackNeurolux 🎶🔥🎟️

For all the techno lovers who enjoy a booming Saturday night out. This April Yak Attack is going to electrify the stage of one of the most iconic venues in Idaho - Neurolux Lounge. On Saturday 13th April 2024 Boise is about to turn into the country’s hottest spot thanks to the spectacular live performance of Yak Attack. And if this alone is not enough to make a night to remember for life, then the hosts will surely play their role by providing everything you need to have the top experience in their club. From fully-loaded bar with refreshments to keep you going throughout the night, to helpful staff that will assist with all your requests and, of course, the mind-blowing sound system and lighting show - at Neurolux Lounge you’ll be filled with joy with all your senses. So why waiting - save the date, secure your ticket and dance the night away.

Yak Attack at Neurolux Lounge

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