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Neurolux Lounge | Boise, Idaho


Hey fellow noise aficionados, get THIS: Melt-Banana is hitting the stage at Neurolux Lounge, Boise, on May 25, 2024. If you know, you KNOW – these Tokyo legends craft a sonic blender of punk, noise rock, and a bolt of electronic frenzy that'll electrify your very SOUL.

Their live shows are infamous; think breakneck speeds, guitar sorcery from Agata, and Yasuko's vocals, slicing through the air like a chainsaw with precision and attitude. Imagine yourself amidst the frenzy, waves of sound pummeling the air, and fans thrashing to hits like “Candy Gun” vibrating under your feet – PURE adrenaline!

Now, you've seen concerts but Melt-Banana’s performances are EVENTS – the kind that etch into your memory, raw and UNFILTERED. Your pulse won’t slow down until the sun's peeking out. And Boise is on their list. Lucky us, right?

This might be the blast of live chaos you've needed, so don't sleep on it. Get those tickets, grab your earplugs, and join the madness. See you in the mosh.

The time has finally come to discover music like never before. From underground tunes to the big stage, this is a show that you won’t want to miss. That’s right, Melt-Banana is coming to the premier venue of Boise, Idaho: Neurolux Lounge, on Saturday 25th May 2024! The group is about to cause a scene and share their iconic tunes that’ll make you feel like dancing until the early hours.

Here’s the inside scoop: the premier group of alternative music on the scene are hitting the road again with their much-awaited spring trip. Praised for being one of the most famous artists of the genre this time around, alt enthusiasts have been on the lookout for secret info about the show. They’re coming on strong with their awesome songs LIVE with an insane setlist that will definitely have you struck the whole eve.

Our featured artist has only recently come up to the big league and alt enthusiasts have been keeping a close eye on them. To go from being hidden to the limelight is great for what the future holds. Their previous concerts have given fans an incredible time. Brought into the light by their rare songs, they have visibly been enjoying the newfound fame to likely make their mark in the alt genre. This spring show will definitely bring on even more future tracks for the group, and we can’t wait to see it. Complete with their premier songs and unmatched stage presence, this tour is just the beginning.

You’ll have an insanely good time at Neurolux Lounge on Saturday 25th May 2024. Audience members gush about the 10/10 theatre. The well-known destination is one that all great events visit. Both the kind crew and the newest and highly developed facilities help all guests enjoy the stage as much as they want. If you plan to attend, go ahead and press the prompt up there to buy your tickets immediately!

Melt-Banana at Neurolux Lounge

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