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Neurolux Lounge | Boise, Idaho

Dana and Alden

Step into the soulful embrace of Dana and Alden's intoxicating tunes at the Neurolux Lounge on Monday, the 23rd of September, 2024. Allow your senses to be bathed in the rich, velvety tones that only this energetic R&B duo can deliver. Boise, Idaho will vibrate with the sound of chart-topping sensations such as "Heartbeat Harmony" and "Midnight Whispers", entertaining your spirit with their notable vocal expertise and enchanting stage presence.

The honors for Dana and Alden are robust, with a shelf of awards that honor their musical ingenuity and contributions to the soul genre. Be part of a special evening where their voices twist through the crowd, leaving an extraordinary mark on your musical heart. Secure your passage to this extraordinary experience with tickets starting at just $30. Each hit promises to stay in your mind long after the night concludes, making your investment in these tickets a gateway to rejuvenate your love for live music.

For a night where every beat is a story and every song an escape, make haste to reserve your spot. Click the 'buy tickets' button now and let Dana and Alden lead you through a world where R&B meets the soul in its purest form.

Imagine an evening draped in velvety rhythms and warm, popular songs, wrapped under the shroud of nightfall in Boise. Dana and Alden, a sensational duo, bring their impeccable flair to the Neurolux Lounge. On Monday, 23rd September 2024, concert fans will converge to be embraced by a medley of sounds that undoubtedly promises to awaken every sense. The synergy between Alden's percussive expertise and Dana's organic vocal tone guarantees an wonderful vibe ringing through the heart of Idaho.

Dana and Alden

Dana and Alden McWayne, the BELOVED siblings hailing from the rich musical scenes of Eugene, Oregon, have carved a niche within the R&B and soul genre. They achieved recognition with their virally sensational videos and a sold-out New York joint show. Their acclaimed tour "Our First Tour Ever" and recent high-energy performances continue to solidify their presence in the music scene. Alden's energetic drumming combined with Dana's spine-tingling vocals create symphonies that reverberate with their audience's deepest emotions, enticing them to feel every hit playfully coursing through the air.

Neurolux Lounge Information

Boise's historic treasure, the Neurolux Lounge, stands as the perfect backdrop for such musical indulgence. popular for hosting special concerts over its 27 years of history, this venue boasts a personality that adds depth to every performance within its walls. Although specific details such as seating capacity and amenities should be obtained by contacting the entertainment venue, guests can rest assured that the Neurolux Lounge experience is curated to amplify the connection between artist and audience.

Ticket Information

The call of the music is irresistible and so is the opportunity to secure a ticket to this eventful evening. Starting at only $30, tickets to witness Dana and Alden in the cozy setting of Neurolux Lounge are a tangible luxury. Music admirers can acquire their passes to enchantment through the secure marketplace of Ticket Squeeze. With a simple "buy tickets" button click, you could join an audience set to delve into a night of captivating exploration led by the gifted Dana and Alden.

Dana and Alden at Neurolux Lounge

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