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Neurolux Lounge | Boise, Idaho


Hey, groove lovers of Boise! Guess what's popping on May 4, 2024? That's right – get hyped for the ultimate sound trip as Brainstory hits the stage at Neurolux Lounge.

This place, with its intimate vibe, is tailor-made for a night where soul, jazz, and funk collide in a cosmic ballet. And NOTHING beats that live show energy, right? Feel the bass vibrate, the keys sing, and those silky vocals weave stories around your senses.

You’ve belted out “Fruitless Trees,” you’ve lost yourself in “Reclaim,” now experience the thrill as they UNLEASH the magic LIVE. This isn't just another gig, folks. It's an EXPERIENCE - where the beat drops and hearts soar.

Brainstory’s got the riffs. Neurolux has the ambiance. All that's missing is YOU, wrapped in the warmth of melody and fellow fans. Don't be the one to hear about it the next day with the FOMO blues.

Slide over to the ticket window now. GRAB your passes. Let's make memories that echo longer than the last chord. #BrainstoryLive 🎶🎟️

Neurolux Lounge delivers the hottest in soul music that you have come to love and continues in that tradition in 2024. Brainstory is coming and bringing true soul music to the area and you’d be a fool not to be in attendance Boise is considered one of the top R&B regions in Idaho. Brainstory features some of the most talented performers which means you gotta be there! There will be plenty of close parking, directly near the Neurolux Lounge. Inside the performance hall, the phenomenal lighting makes it easier for the concert fans to see the artists from any area of the building. The top-notch sound engineering delivers pristine sound and you won’t hear any echoes. The interior décor of the concert hall comes with comfy seats that allow you to enjoy the evening. Purchase your tickets now! Just click the ‘get tickets’ button and reserve yours today!

Brainstory at Neurolux Lounge

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